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科学,让生活更美好——科学的美丽Better science, better life -- the science of beauty科学技术发展至今带给人类的究竟是物质精神的双丰收还是一个将自然社会毁于无声的隐形手?The development of science and technology has brought people what is spiritual and material double harvest or a will be destroyed the natural social silent invisible hand?——题记--.有人发明了手机,缓解了身处异地的人们的相思愁绪;有人发明了飞机,舍去了在外奔波的人们的漫漫路途;有人发明了麻醉剂,避免了被病魔折磨着的人们又一层的痛苦.是科技,让这个大而无边的世界变小了,也是科技,将更多的欢乐带进了人们的生活.People invented the mobile phone, easing the living people in different places of Acacia melancholy, people invented the airplane, rounding the people travel a long road; the invention of anesthetic, to avoid the tormented by illness of people and a layer of pain. Science and technology, let the large and boundless world becomes small, science and technology, more joy into the people's lives.曾经听到过这样一个问题,是生活在一千年前的人快乐还是生活在现在的我们快乐?我不知道被提问者是怎样回答的,而每个人看问题时的角度也是各异的,但我认为是都快乐,只是不同的快乐.Ever heard of such a problem is life in a thousand years ago people happy or life in our present happy? I don't know is the questioner is how to answer, and each of us look at the question of when the angle is different, but I think it is happy, is happy.一千年前人们的生活因为简单而快乐,他们相互之间的联系需要通过飞鸽传书,从上海到北京也是跋山涉水,一路艰辛.若是患上了肺炎,便是无药可医只能全家祈福,但是他们不会担心自己的孩子因沉迷网络而耽误学业,不会为核武器扩散而大伤脑筋,更不会为了争抢石油而毁了整个国家人民的安定与幸福.这样的快乐很单纯.A thousand years ago, people's life because it is simple and happy, the contact between them need by Dove Chuanshu, from Shanghai to Beijing is also an arduous journey, the hard way. If suffering from pneumonia, no medicine can cure only family praying, but they will not worry about their children addicted to online and delay academic, not for the spread of nuclear weapons and big nerve racking, not in order to compete for oil ruined stability and happiness of the people of the whole country. Such a happy is very simple.话虽如此,生活在当今的我们仍然是快乐的.我们的快乐很直接.Nevertheless, we are still living in today's happy. Our happiness isdirectly.发展至今的医疗技术,几乎可以将生活中所有常见的疾病通通治愈,被延长了寿命的人们,拥有更多的时间去拓展生命、享受生命.生物、化学等自然学科技术发展的突飞猛进,给原本好奇心强烈的人们带去了丰富多彩的精神食粮.人类在探索与发明的同时给自我价值以肯定,人们在享受科技带来的福祉的同时也收获着快乐.Since the development of medical technology, almost will be all of life common disease Tongtong cure, was extended life of the people, have more time to extend life, enjoy life. Biological and chemical science and technology development by leaps and bounds, to the original curiosity strong people to rich and colorful spiritual food. Human exploration and innovation at the same time to self value to be sure, the people in the enjoyment of welfare brought by science and technology at the same time also harvest the happiness.人类拥有如此伟大的智慧,发现、创造了那么多的“奇迹”.DNA分子的双螺旋解密,因特网施益于千家万户,第一宇宙速度送航天飞机进入宇宙,克隆技术发展助疾病患者重获新生.Humans have such great wisdom, and create the double helix decryption of so many "miracle" of the DNA molecule, the Internet application benefits to millions of households, the first cosmic speed send the shuttle into the universe, the development of cloning technology to assist disease patients rebirth.科学,让生活更美好.但是与此同时,它又将那么多附加的忧虑与恐慌带入了原本纯粹的生活.这样说并不假,但又实实在在冤枉了科技.让人们对科技的感情变得复杂的并不见得就是科技本身,而是去选择如何运用它的人.Science for a better life. But at the same time, it will be so much additional anxiety and panic into the original pure life. To say this is not false, but real wronged technology. Let the people of science and technology of the feelings become complex is not the technology itself, and is to choose how to use it.科技是一门永无止境的学科,它的发展是无法用简单的好坏去评判的.它可以挽救人类,那么它也同样可以毁灭生灵.当爱因斯坦研究出核能量,欲将其运用于宇宙科学研究的同时,法西斯那边已经有人在苦思冥想该怎样将这种技术运用于战争了.就核技术本身而言是无所谓好与坏的,但由于它而在世界上引发出来的争端,使得整个世界上国家间的关系少了一份融洽.就拿二十世纪八十年代的美苏冷战来讲,在反导条约签订之前,整个世界都为之紧绷着神经,一颗导弹的爆炸,毁灭的是一个城市、一个国家,更是千年积淀下来的人类文明.但是人类对核能的恐慌与紧张是完全可以避免的,核能本身一点也不可怕,甚而至于它可以帮助人类缓解甚至解决能源危机,它能作为一门辅助学科,成为其它领域里重要的研究工具.只要没有人动邪念,一切科学技术都将是美好的,它们都将有助于世界的和平与和谐发展.照这么看来,为什么我们还会担心机器人技术的进步和克隆技术的突破呢?科技是一门永无止境的学科,它的发展是无法用简单的好坏去评判的.它可以挽救人类,那么它也同样可以毁灭生灵.当爱因斯坦研究出核能量,欲将其运用于宇宙科学研究的同时,法西斯那边已经有人在苦思冥想该怎样将这种技术运用于战争了.就核技术本身而言是无所谓好与坏的,但由于它而在世界上引发出来的争端,使得整个世界上国家间的关系少了一份融洽.就拿二十世纪八十年代的美苏冷战来讲,在反导条约签订之前,整个世界都为之紧绷着神经,一颗导弹的爆炸,毁灭的是一个城市、一个国家,更是千年积淀下来的人类文明.但是人类对核能的恐慌与紧张是完全可以避免的,核能本身一点也不可怕,甚而至于它可以帮助人类缓解甚至解决能源危机,它能作为一门辅助学科,成为其它领域里重要的研究工具.只要没有人动邪念,一切科学技术都将是美好的,它们都将有助于世界的和平与 Harmonious development. So, why do wehave to worry about the progress of robot technology and the breakthrough of cloning technology?科学,之所以能使生活更美好,是因为有一批又一批合理使用科学技术的善良人们.他们将美丽的科技运用于对社会和谐的建设、对人类物质及精神的丰富与塑造、对真理永不停息地正确的追求.Science, the reason can make our life more beautiful, because there is another batch of rational use of science and technology to the good people of. They will beautiful technology using in to harmonious society construction, rich and shaping of human material and spiritual, pursuit of truth will never cease to correct.当有人提问你,是觉得生活在什么时期的人更快乐的时候,请不要犹豫地告诉他,现在.因为你将用你自己的力量,去约束自己并影响他人,使科学让生活更美好.When someone ask you is feel happier people living in what period of time, please don't hesitate to tell him now. Because you will use your own power, to restrain themselves and others, make science for a better life.我们也有理由相信,科学技术的迅猛发展将百分百用于造福人类、造福自然、造福世界,让科学绽放最美丽、最纯粹的光彩!We also have reason to believe, the rapid development of science and technology will be 100 percent for for the benefit of mankind, for the benefit of the natural, for the benefit of the world, make scientific bloom the most beautiful, the most pure brilliance.